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The Platform Economy is shaping in many ways how humans exchange services, goods and data. Uber, Amazon, Airbnb and BlaBlaCar are examples of successful platforms that have disrupted entire industries during the last decade.

These businesses managed to create “Blue Oceans” with a deep understanding of the power of social and commercial networks over the Internet. Hence that power emerged as both an exponential scalability asset and a new type of entry barriers for competition.


Platformia researches the Platform Economy ecosystem to better understand current successful business models and help build future ones.

The company aims at launching innovative projects to build commercial Digital Platforms.

also provides its business clients with Management Consulting and IT Engineering services.


Platformia was founded in 2018 by Amira Ben Abbes and Nour El Ansari.

Nour graduated from TELECOM ParisTech in Paris and have worked as an IT Engineer then as a Management Consultant. Amira graduated from ENSEEIHT in Toulouse and have worked as Fluid Mechanics R.D. Engineer then as a Nuclear Safety Engineer.

The two engineers are fascinated by the Platform Economy, and Platformia is their adventure into it.

What we do

Platform Projects

Creating ecosystems and networks that link a large number of providers to an even larger number of customers.

Building and operating innovative Digital Platform to ease services, goods and data transactions both in C2C and B2B2X.

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Management Consulting

Assisting our business clients build and overhaul strategies for their innovation and transformation projects success.

Offer portfolio: Strategic Marketing, Business Modeling, Organisation and Transformation, Product Management, PMO, IT Strategy and Government Digitalisation.

IT Engineering

Helping our business clients build and operate tailor made IT systems to optimise their business processes.

Offer portfolio: Solution functional and technical design, IT integration, Desktop and Mobile Applications development, Entreprise Resourse Planning (ERP) solutions.

Digital Platform Projects

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